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Hello, and thank you for providing me with your name and email. I really appreciate you trusting me with your information, and I want you to know that it means a lot to me!

What If You Could…

  • Fully committed to making your goals, dreams, and desires a reality today.
  • What if you could banish all excuses, and act on those goals, dreams, and desires, without fear or reservation?
  • What if you could follow through on your commitments and do whatever you set your mind to do without any hesitation?
  • What if you could zero in on what’s been truly holding you back, and finally move forward in the direction your life is supposed to be?

Well, that’s exactly what I will help you do in my program called: “Total Transformation Leadership Academy”.


  • 01 I will help you identify who you are at the core, and help you pinpoint why you do the things you do and think the way you think.
  • 03 I will help you identify what your “BIG” audacious goals and vision for life, so that together we can come up with a plan on how to make it a reality.
  • 05 I will help you create an abundance mindset, so you stop unconsciously sabotaging your success.
  • 07 You will also get weekly one-on-one coaching calls with me while providing you with 24/7 access either through text or email.
  • 09 You get a brainstorming and strategy partner who will look at the best scenario and mastermind with you about what actions you should take.
  • 02 I will help you identify your “WHY” statement or what makes you different and unique from everyone else, so that you know who you serve and how you serve them.
  • 04 I will help you remove the mental blocks and barriers keeping you from reaching your full potential by teaching you how to reprogram your mind at the subconscious level, so that whatever you want to create in life becomes automatic and habitual.
  • 06 We’ll take a deep dive into how to actually manifest your reality, and together we’ll create an action plan that will help you take daily steps to achieving it.
  • 08 You get an accountability partner who will hold you accountable for doing what you say you will do and making sure you stick with it.
  • 10 You also get help with implementation when needed.

By the end of our time working together, you’ll learn how to expand your belief in what’s possible (far beyond what you’ve been programmed to believe).

This program
is for you if

  • Ready to turn your life into the reality want and “FINALLY” get out of your own way
  • Tired of constantly disappointing yourself, failing to reach your goals, sabotaging your progress and settling for less than your true potential
  • Looking to uplevel (i.e., significantly improve) all areas of your life — finances, wealth, health, happiness, business, relationships, attitude, self-confidence, and more
  • In need of an accountability partner who will help you do it
  • Ready to “act your way into a new way of acting” (not “thinking your way into a new way of acting”—which doesn’t actually work)


Can I Do It Alone

Many potential clients might believe they can achieve their goals, dreams, and desires on their own without needing a coach.

But most will fall short because they don’t have the accountability or feedback to keep them on track and to do the things, they need to do to be successful.

Skepticism About Transformational Coaching

Some individuals may doubt the effectiveness of what a transformational coach and trainer can do, wondering if they can really help them create lasting impact and change.

But that’s only because they are unclear about who they are at the core, who they’re meant to serve and how they’re going to serve them. And this is where the knowledge and skills of a great transformational coaching and trainer comes in because they can help the individual reprogram themselves as the unconscious level.

Can I Afford It

Budget constraints can be a significant objection. People might feel that investing in coaching is too expensive, especially if they’re unsure about the guaranteed results.

Listen, in life there are no guarantees, only commitment and unless you are %100 percent committed to achieving the results you want to achieve, then you won’t be successful.

Lack Of Time

Prospective clients might believe they don’t have the time to commit to coaching sessions and the necessary self-reflection and action steps.

If you don’t have time for yourself, you will never have time to be successful.

Past Failures

Individuals who have previously tried self-help methods or coaching without success may be hesitant to invest again, fearing another potential disappointment.

This is a habit that needs to be broken based on past failures that have become a part of your unconscious programming. By conditioning and retraining your brain to think only about what you want this problem can be addressed.

Fear Of Vulnerability

Transformational coaching often requires clients to be vulnerable and confront deep-seated issues, which can be intimidating or uncomfortable for some individuals.

But if you don’t know the problem, how can you fix it.

Instant Gratification

In a fast-paced world, some may expect immediate results and be skeptical about the time it takes to see meaningful transformation through coaching.

Listen transformation takes time, focus and energy, so be patient with yourself.

Unclear About The Process

If potential clients don’t fully understand how the coaching process works and how it will benefit them, they may be hesitant to invest.

If you have any questions about how I can help, I am always here to help.

Lack Of Trust In Coach

Building trust with clients can be challenging, especially if they have had negative experiences with coaches or mentors in the past.

I personally work with each of my clients to make sure that I can help them.

Resistance To Change

Even if people recognize the need for change, they might resist it due to the fear of the unknown or the comfort of staying within their current routines.

This is where programming the subconscious mind to think and act automatic and habitually comes in.